Audio Notetaker Free Trial

Audio Notetaker Free Trial

You can download Audio Notetaker from our website at

When you first start Audio Notetaker you'll have the option to start our free 30 day trial. We don't take any payment information, you simply need to register with your name and email address (this lets you try out our Sonocent LINK mobile app).

Your 30 day trial begins as soon as you start the trial (even if you don't start using the software straight away). 

What happens when my trial ends?

After 30 days your trial will come to an end. You'll have the option to continue to use Audio Notetaker in Viewer Mode.

With Viewer Mode you can listen back to your projects, but you will not be able to record or import additional audio, and you will not be able to save any changes to your projects. There's more information on Viewer Mode here:

If you decide to purchase your own licence, or get access through your institution, then you'll need to activate with your new Licence Key. On the main launch page you have the option to 'Enter Licence Key'. If you already have the application running then:
  1. Go to our Home Tab
  2. Select Settings from the left hand side
  3. Select Change Licence Key
  4. Activate with your Licence

How do I cancel my trial?

We don't take any payment information, so you can simply let your trial expire.

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