Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions

Differences Between Mac and Windows Versions

See What's New in this Version? for a list of the things that we have added.

With the Mac update we've closed the gap between the two versions. We have some features that we'll be working on to bring them even closer and there are a few things that at present we can't include.

  1. Output recording - recording speakers and recording microphone and speakers


    Unlike on Windows there is no simple solution for Output Recording on MacOS. We're frequently investigating ways to do this, but it may not be possible.

  2. The file manager


    The file manager has had a very minimal update as we plan to overhaul it on both platforms in the future. You can view all your projects on Mac and already search through them for Key words. However you cannot search through Audio Files and you cannot transfer files from a DVR from within Audio Notetaker (you can always import the audio). You can now transfer files from the Sonocent recorder app over wifi.

  3. Scribe


    Unfortunately Dragon NaturallySpeaking do not currently offer this integration on their Mac version.

  4. Presentation Capture - Viewing slides in Audio Notetaker or PowerPoint and recording yourself speaking


    We are working on this feature.

  5. Export Audio and Images as Video


    We are working on this feature.

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