Loan License The Admin Process

Loan License The Admin Process

Loan License Overview ⇨  Loan License Administrators ⇨ Loan License The Admin Process



Using the Loan Manager Portal invite student(s) to use your Loan License


Student Receives the invite email


Student activates Audio Notetaker and gets an automated 14 day loan period 

(this is only for students that have never used your license before)


Using the Portal, approve the loan and set the real expiry date


Student receives an automated email informing them of the new expiry date and also inviting them to use the Sonocent Link app 

(students cannot use the app until they have had their loan approved)


In the last 14 days of the loan, students will be notified that their license is due to expire and the Loan Portal will show Loans Nearing Expiry


Using the Portal, Extend the loan as needed


The student recieves an automated email informing them of the extension. They need to open Audio Notetaker and Check for an extension
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