Old versions of Audio Notetaker - Windows

Old versions of Audio Notetaker - Windows


(For Mac versions see here)

Users of Audio Notetaker Versions 1, 2 and 3 can upgrade to Version 4 free of charge, please go to the download page of the website.

Older versions can be downloaded below:

Version 3.2 - (released in Aug 2014)

This is the last version that supports Windows XP.

This version added support for transferring files from the Sonocent Recorder app with the Portable Device Manager.


Version 3.0 - (released in Jan 2013)

For version 3.0 of Audio Notetaker, we introduced a number of new features as well as changing the way Audio Notetaker looks and made it easier for you to work with your files.

With Version 3 the first thing you will notice is how much we have changed the look of your workspace. 

All the options, available to you in earlier versions, are still there; they are accessible from the new toolbar, the new Side Bar or from the traditional menus (press ALT to make these visible or make them always visible from AppMenu>System>Options>General.

We added an additional pane; the Reference Pane. This is simply an extra text pane, where you can add in reference material or even copy the text from your imported PowerPoint slides.
Working with both on-line and offline presentations was made much easier too. You can now choose whether to record audio from the microphone or from what is playing on your computers speakers (or both). There is a Screen Capture mode to allow you to grab screen shots from your online video to accompany your recording and also the ability to record your own presentations from PowerPoint. 

With Version 3 we have also moved to using the standardised Opus audio encoding System, giving you the best quality for working with your audio file, no matter what you are recording, whilst keeping the size of your RAN file manageable.


Version 2.5 – (released in August 2011)

This introduced these new features:
More import formats. You can now import audio from .m4a and most .mp4 and .mov files. If you are running XP or Vista you will be prompted to download QuickTime if you don’t have it installed.
Single Audio Notetaker window. If you are already running Audio Notetaker, opening a .ran file from Windows Explorer will simply open a new tab. You can change this behaviour in Tools->Options.
Link to documents. Select “Copy” on any document in Windows Explorer and paste it into the notes pane to get a URL-style link.

Version 2.4 - (released June 2011)

This version supports Sony’s new T-mark indexing system (up to 98 marks per file), and the Olympus RS-28 Footswitch.

There are a number of changes to help users get started with Audio Notetaker much more easily – tooltips, focus indication, a welcome video and demo files to play with.

File management has also been improved, with clearer use of digital recorder folder structures, and the audio and notes tabs are now always visible when you start up to encourage you to make use of them!

Finally, “Transcription Mode” has been renamed “Pause Mode”, with a longer minimum playback time.

Version 2.3 - (released in January 2011)

This version introduced these new features:
PDF Import. You can now import slides in either powerpoint or PDF format. Since it is easy to print to PDF using free tools, you can import any slide format that you can print.
Export to iTunes. You can now export directly to iTunes without having to save Audio As Album first.
Pause Mode. With this option, playback stops at the end of each segment, making phrase-by-phrase transcription much easier.
DM-3 and DM-5 support. Better support for wma files produced by Olympus DM-3 and DM-5 recorders.

All version 1 users can still upgrade free of charge. The Key differences to v1 are:
Image Pane & PowerPoint Import.

As well as text and audio, there is now an image pane.

If you have Microsoft Office 2002 or later, you can import an entire PowerPoint presentation directly into the image pane. There is also a Full Screen mode which allows you to see one large image at a time, as in a PowerPoint presentation
Live recording. As well as importing an existing recording, you can record live into Audio Notetaker.
File Management. All the functionality of the v1 File Manager application is now part of Audio Notetaker itself.

There is also a Portable Device view, to allow you to easily copy files to and from your digital recorder, phone, mp3 player or memory stick.
File Format. Audio Notetaker v2 has a completely new file format, with .ran extension. By default all imported audio is now included in the file, you will need to set an Option if you want to continue to link to imported audio as in v1.
Important information for v1.1 users. You must have a serial number beginning with “AN” or “LN” in order to activate Audio Notetaker updates. If you download and install an update and you dont have an AN serial number, you will not be able to use Audio Notetaker after the 15 day trial period. If you are a v1.1 user, and you have not yet received a serial number by e-mail, please contact support@sonocent.com

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