Old Versions of Audio Notetaker - Mac

Old Versions of Audio Notetaker - Mac


Users of Audio Notetaker can upgrade to Version 5 free of charge, please go to the download page of the website. The latest version is compatible with MacOS 10.11 onwards. If you are using an older version of MacOS then please select the correct version below.

Please note that we can only provide very limited support with these versions.

Version 5.3.10

This is the last version supporting Mac OS 10.10


Version 2.8.4837 (released 16th November 2016)

This is the last version of Audio Notetaker supported on MacOS 10.5.8 up to and including 10.8

Version 2.8 added:
  • Microsoft WMA decoder - WMA files can now be imported and played back in Audio Notetaker without relying on any 3rd party applications.
  • Export with playback settings - If you change the volume, speed or add Noise Cancellation to your file you can now export your audio with those settings.
  • Extract Colours - You can now select whether to extract coloured chunks or sections to either a new document or one you already have open.
  • Unsaved Recordings - These are now moved to the Trash rather than being deleted.
  • Word highlighting with Text To Speech - If you use the Mac's inbuilt Speech tool (Edit menu > Speech) then the words will be highlighted in Audio Notetaker as they are spoken.

Version 2.7.4051 (released on the 24th March 2013)

• A second text pane for reference text
• Noise cancellation
• Improved compatibility with Audio Notetaker v3 for Windows
• Viewer mode - view Audio Notetaker files without activating
• Extract text from PowerPoint or PDF slides
• Retina display support

..as well as numerous bug fixes and general improvements.

Version 2.6.3112.0 (released on the 26th July 2012)

This supports Zoom recorder wav files, and makes a small change to the registration form.

Version 2.6.3014.0 (released on the 8th May 2012)

This supports more index marks and fixes a number of small problems, like switching to a USB headset as soon as it is plugged in and scrolling whilst recording. Activation is now separate to registration. Note that in 2.6.3007.0 released 4th May, we had accidentally disabled the Activate New Licence Key menu.

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