Sonocent for DSA: FAQ

Sonocent for DSA: FAQ

Your username is the same email address that you used when activating your copy of Audio Notetaker. You won’t be able to log in to Sonocent Link if the email addresses don’t match. If you've forgotten what email address you used to register, please contact us.

Your password is the last four digits of the License Key you used to activate your copy of Audio Notetaker. You can find your License Key by
(Windows) opening Audio Notetaker and going to AppMenu -> Help -> About.
(Mac) opening Audio Notetaker and going to Audio Notetaker in the top toolbar -> About Audio Notetaker.

See here for more information on how to find your License Key.

No you don’t. You just need to log in the very first time you use Sonocent Link or if/when you reinstall the app or install on a new device.

Yes, if you are a DSA students who received a Sonocent Audio Notetaker License Key prior to 1st of October 2016, access to Sonocent Link can be granted retrospectively. Please contact us (including you Licence Key in an email) and we can grant you access.


I’m not a DSA student. Can I access Sonocent’s DSA offerings?

Sonocent Link is now available to anyone who purchases an individual licence through our website. 

If you're using Sonocent through a licence provided by your College or University then you may also have access to the Sonocent Link app. Please speak with your licence administrator or contact us

Sonocent link (DSA and personal licences) allows 10 unique activations. These can be on any IOS or Android device, but please be aware that reinstalling the app on a new device will use up an activation. There is no way to deactivate. Once you’ve activated 10 times you will need to use our free app or pay for the premium upgrade.

(Sonocent Link for institution customers allows 4 activations per user)

You cannot deactivate Sonocent Link. If you've used up all of your activations, contact us.

No, you must be online when you first activate Sonocent Link, but you only need to do this the first time you use the app.


I have Android and iOS devices, am I limited to which one I use?

No, Sonocent Link is available for both Android and iOS and you can use your email and password to activate on any platform.

Sonocent Link is available for both Android and iOS devices, phones and tablets.

For Android it will work on any device running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and over.
For iOS it will work on any device running iOS 9 and over.


I need to reinstall the app, will I lose my files?

Yes. Deleting the app from your device will also delete any recordings. You should transfer your recordings to your PC before deleting the app.


I need to reinstall the app, will I need to log in again?

Yes. When you launch the app you will be asked to login again. This will use up one of your 10 activations


I need to reinstall the app, will this use up one of my activations?

Yes. Reinstalling the app will prompt for you to login again. This will use up one of your 10 activations.

Yes you can; follow the instructions below.
Note: During the transfer, do not open and save the project files (.mran) in Audio Notetaker. Doing so will convert the files into the .ran format, which is not compatible with the Sonocent Recorder/Sonocent Link.

First, connect your Android device to your PC with a USB cable.
If you have a Mac, you may also need to install 
Android File Transfer: 

Once you have connected your device to your PC, you will need to find your device and browse to Sonocent Recorder's project folder: 


Copy the project files (.mran) you wish to move, and paste them into Sonocent Link's project folder:


Disconnect your device from your PC. Your copied files should now be visible in your list of recordings in the Sonocent Link app.

To move your project files (.mran) from the Sonocent Recorder app to the Sonocent Link app, you will first need to copy the files to your PC via iTunes. Then, using iTunes, move them from your PC to Sonocent Link.

Please follow these instructions on how to transfer files with iTunes.


Can I transfer files from my PC back to the app?

You can only transfer the MRAN files produced by Sonocent Link or Sonocent Recorder from your PC to the app. Saving an MRAN file in Audio Notetaker will convert it to a RAN format which cannot be opened in the app. Follow the instructions in the topic above.

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