Sonocent for DSA Mobile Bundle: FAQ

Sonocent for DSA Mobile Bundle: FAQ

What’s included in the Sonocent for DSA Mobile bundle?

  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Mac and Windows
  • Sonocent Link for iOS or Android
  • Cygnett 6000mah portable charger
  • Andrea SG-110M directional shotgun microphone and the C-300 adapter for digital recorders and older laptops
  • EDU-USB a Premium External USB Stereo Sound Card from Andrea Communications (optional)

Read more about the microphone and the USB sound card on Andrea's website:

USB sound card

You can learn more about the portable charger on Cygnett's website:


What are the specs of the hardware included with the bundle?

Andrea SG-110M directional shotgun microphone features:
  • Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone with enhanced sensitivity for far-field sound reception
  • Highly directional polar response
  • Enhanced RFI screening to eliminate audio interference
  • Adjustable microphone tilt with rubber-padded base
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • 30-inch shielded cable with 3.5mm right angled TRRS plug
  • Specifically designed for use with mobile devices

Cygnett 6000mah portable charger features:
  • Lithium polymer technology
  • Rapid charge 2A Dual USB
  • Micro-USB cable included
  • Super thin & portable
  • Capable of charging two devices at once

The hardware included with the bundle is comfortably superior to any alternative provided through the DSA. For instance, the portable charger from Cygnett includes a powerful 6,000 mAh battery, which was enough to fully charge an iPhone twice in our tests.


Why did you choose that microphone?

Andrea SG-110M is a directional shotgun microphone which reduces surrounding noise, great for recording in lectures.

The latest version has been specifically designed for use with mobile devices and includes enhanced shielding to reduce audio interference. A right angled plug to make it even easier to connect. And the TRRS plug means there is now no need for an extra adapter when connecting to most devices.

If you do need to connect to an older device with a dedicated audio port then use the bundled C-300 adapter.

As long as your device recognises the microphone then it can be used with Sonocent Link. You will need a TRRS adapter for most devices to recognise the microphone.


What about USB mics like the Samson Go?

Digital USB mics can normally be used with your device. USB mics do increase the battery consumption.

To use a digital mic with iOS devices you will need to use Apple's Camera adapter to convert the connector on your device into a standard USB socket.

For Android devices you will need a USB OTG (On The Go) compatible adapter.


What about iPhones without a headphone jack?

You will need to use a microphone via the iPhone's Lightning Port. You should have gotten a Lightning Port to 3.5mm adapter when you bought your iPhone; connect that to the adapter supplied in your Mobile Bundle, and connect it to the microphone.

For USB microphones, you will need to use a Apple's Lightning Port to USB Camera adapter. You can learn more about the adapter on Apple's website:​


Why have you included a battery pack?

Students who will record a full day’s worth of lectures can use the Cygnett 6000mah portable charger to stay fully charged.


Why did you choose that battery?

Quite simply, it is the most powerful portable charger available through the DSA. In our tests it was able to fully charge an iPhone twice over.


What do I do if the battery pack or mic stop working?

If any of your devices stop working, contact your reseller.
If you experience issues with Audio Notetaker or Sonocent Link, contact us.


Can I buy the items separately?

If you're an ATSP and looking to buy the devices without buying the Mobile Bundle, please contact Douglas Stewart Ltd.

Otherwise contact your reseller or purchase the items directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers' websites:

Andrea Microphone
Cygnett's Portable Charger:
Andrea USB Sound Card​
Andrea Mobile Adapter Cable:


Can existing DSA students get hold of this hardware?

There is no hardware-only bundle. The microphone and charger are only available as part of the Sonocent DSA Mobile Bundle. Enquiries about individual hardware components should be put to Douglas Stewart Ltd.


Can I upgrade my DSA assessment and get the bundle?

No (see previous topic). However, if you've recently been assessed by the DSA and still waiting for your order to complete, you may be able to make changes to your order. Please contact your reseller or Needs Assessor for more information.

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