Using Audio Notetaker after the loan has expired

Using Audio Notetaker after the loan has expired

Loan License Overview ⇨  Loan License Administrators  ⇨ Using Audio Notetaker after the loan has expired

Audio Notetaker project files are not stored within Audio Notetaker and, as such, can be moved and shared, as with any other file on the computer.
After a loan (or any Audio Notetaker license) has expired users can continue to use Audio Notetaker in Viewer Mode.  

Note: while in Viewer Mode you will not be able to save any changes or additions to your Audio Notetaker project file. But you can still work with your file; the following functions are available:
  • Coloring chunks and sections
  • Typing text in the Text or Reference Panes
  • Dragging and dropping images into the Image Pane
  • Organizing your document using color
  • Using Pause Mode to transcribe your audio
  • Viewing your file in Full Screen mode
  • Exporting text and images
  • TTS and sending the audio to the Audio Pane
  • Scribe - creating text notes from your recordings (you need Dragon Naturally Speaking installed) Windows only

You will not be able to:
  • Save your file
  • Record audio
  • Import audio, images or slides
  • Export audio 
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