Where can I find my Licence Key?

Where can I find my Licence Key?

Online Purchase

Your Licence Key should have been sent to the email address that you used to complete your online purchase (check your Spam folder). If you haven’t received this email then please contact us at  support@sonocent.com  with the details of your order.

How do I activate my copy of Audio Notetaker?
Why do I need manual activation?

CD Through Re-seller

We no longer provide Audio Notetaker on CD - You can always download the most recent version from our website. If you have an older version on CD, supplied by one of our re-sellers, then your Licence Key should have been enclosed, if it is missing then please contact them directly and they should be able to provide you with your Licence Key. If you continue to have difficulty activating your copy of Audio Notetaker then please contact us at  support@sonocent.com

Audio Notetaker already installed?
Your serial number and version number can be found from App Menu> Help> About

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